Monday, October 12, 2020.

Text: 2 Cor 1 v 12 – 22.

We often have challenges with people doubting our sincerity and integrity as we continue to work for God.

Most times those who doubt our sincerity are those who want to discredit us and rubbish the work we are doing for God.

They are just looking for a little loophole to prove to our audience especially where people have acknowledged the truth through in us in a friendly environment.

However, our past and present lifestyles can go a long way to defend us in such times while the Spirit of God works in our converts.

The fact that someone plans to do a thing and had some hindrances does not mean that such person is a fake or liar.

An Igbo adage says, what hinders work is not in the farm but at home, meaning that it is at home that you have problems that will prevent you from going to work, not in the office or at the farm.

Paul had to explain this to the Corinthian church who have been unlished with the liars of the false teachers who wanted to take advantage of the promise of Paul to come to them which he was hindered from coming by some unforeseen circumstances to malign them and rubbish their ministry.

He had to make it clear to them that the gospel they received was not based on lies rather as Jesus was true so His word was.

Besides, Paul and his companions had a mark or seal of the Holy Spirit which they imparted in the Corinthian church to prove the reality of the gospel they preached.

What makes the difference between born again Christians and church goers is the Holy Spirit in the life of the believers.

The difference between a living church and a dead one is the presence of the Holy Spirit in the former than the later.

Do you have the Holy Spirit of God in you or have you been filled with the Holy Spirit of God?

Remember, when Jesus Christ will call up the saints, it is the Holy Spirit in you that will energise you to go up with Him.

Do you preach the truth of the gospel or are you preaching lies to the people?

Please, if you are in the habit of judging Christians or gospel preachers for any reason, remember that they have a Master who sent them to do His work whom they are accountable to.

Are you a born again Christian, God has set you apart and sealed you with the Holy Spirit.

God has placed the mark of ownership on you by giving you the Holy Spirit which is in your heart as the guarantee of all He has in store for us.

Do your best to have this seal of God in you, for without it you are a mere church goer, unprofitable and unproductive to God.


Monday, October 12, 2020.

Text: Acts 14 v 8 – 20.


One of the reasons we are lacking the power of the Holy Spirit in the church today is self which often lead us to take the glory that belongs to God when He uses us to do a thing.

Paul and Barnabas as they were preaching the gospel in Lystra, an impotent man was miraculously healed which promoted the people to think that Paul and Barnabas were not ordinary men but gods that ought to be worshipped.

As they shouted with a loud voice for the miracle they have not seen before and their priest took oxen to sacrifice for them in the name of their gods Paul and Barnabas ran into their midst to stop them and declared that they were mere men and besides they were not the ones that did the miracle but Jesus Christ.

Do you take the glory that belongs to God when you achieve success?

God will never share His glory with any man or things He created.

Therefore, humble yourself in any of your achievements and never said, “I have made it”.

It is God who made it through you and not you that made it.

As they were defending their faith, satan sent wicked Jews from Anthioc to disrupt the crusade by stoning the Apostles supposing they were dead but the brethren stood by them probably praying for God to restore their lives and He was revived.

Can you stand with the persecuted brethren to encourage them to continue the race?

Be your brothers keeper.

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