Why women are wiser than men

in the book of Genesis,God created Adam and Eve and told Adam and Eve to name everything in the garden of eden,so when God left their presence,the devil called unto Eve in their deep sleep and urged her to come forth and she came and told her to eat the apple that she will be very wise,so she ate the apple and digested it,when Adam woke up,he started chasing the animals in the garden and Eve called unto him and Adam came forth and she influenced Adam to eat the fruit and Adam bite from the apple and when he was about to chew it,God appeared and the fruit went into Adams throat,that’s why some male have Adams apple including myself and Adam and Eve hide themselves with leaves and God spoke,Adam where are you and he replied”father i am naked”instead of Adam to reply that he is in the bush,he said that he was naked,does that make sense,Eve was just in the bush silent and enjoying the relaxation of fruit!

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